15 June, 2011


Damn! I am so stupid. Mah exam results are not good. want to see it?
 here you go
              Bahasa Malaysia- 85%
              English- 76%
              Science- 65% :(
              Mathematic- 80%
              Geografy- 72%
              Agama- 97%
              Kemahiran hidup- 83%
              History- Sakai sakai sakai sakai.Hi, C -.-
  yes, I am lazy. That's why my results are like ASDFGHKL -.- As my father said, "why do you need to learn? You're very clever. what you should do is chat, take pictures and place them in the facebook account. then, the knowledge akan jatuh tergolek kt kau. Right Aqilah? "  Muahahah, Sorry fader :) Insyaallah,for the next test I'll do better. 8A's ehhhh! Dalam mimpi je ah. No! I will make my dream kam tru!  

P/s : Hi Homework! I mean, Hi Homeworksssssss ;)