15 June, 2011


Damn! I am so stupid. Mah exam results are not good. want to see it?
 here you go
              Bahasa Malaysia- 85%
              English- 76%
              Science- 65% :(
              Mathematic- 80%
              Geografy- 72%
              Agama- 97%
              Kemahiran hidup- 83%
              History- Sakai sakai sakai sakai.Hi, C -.-
  yes, I am lazy. That's why my results are like ASDFGHKL -.- As my father said, "why do you need to learn? You're very clever. what you should do is chat, take pictures and place them in the facebook account. then, the knowledge akan jatuh tergolek kt kau. Right Aqilah? "  Muahahah, Sorry fader :) Insyaallah,for the next test I'll do better. 8A's ehhhh! Dalam mimpi je ah. No! I will make my dream kam tru!  

P/s : Hi Homework! I mean, Hi Homeworksssssss ;)

20 May, 2011


Khaleeda, please help me. she complains to you that I am trying to avoid right? However, in my eyes, I thought she was trying to avoid me. Ohhh dear, every year we wil fight like this?
  Come on dear, we're pretty big. No need to fight. I'm sorry if you feel that i'm critic  you or anything. But seriously, I would like to friend with you. course, when I come to you,you pergi tempat lain. Why? Hmmm?
Bt the way, deeda say that you're sad. when deeda say that, I feel like  JDGSDUGLJAG. Do you really want to friend with me? please be honest. Do you will give me a hug 'AGAIN'? This year I did not get a hug from you. So, this Monday I will run to you and hold you tight: p Once again, I apologize.
 IM SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY. Really very sorry. I hope that you wil read my blog, love xx.

18 May, 2011


Test just around the corner. "pale otak kau ed!!' I will  have a test tomorrow. and I did not learn anything. adriana wakeup! wake. arghhhhhh, stress. the pressure I get, I think I will not be achieved excellent results. pressure lah sgt -.-' oh God, please help me.
  hmmp ~ what I read, do not go into my brain. for my friends, goodluck to 'up-coming' test. Please pray for me,  seriously meeee want to see my parents happy.

16 May, 2011

mah loves.

she is beautiful. she is good. she cares. she loves me: D

 Bhahaha. Well, yasterday jaja, alif, pe'ah, uncle man: p and I hang at mom's. I have enjoyed. they are so damn cute and awhhhh: ') i cannot just stop loving them. they are my friends. hope that our relationship is to last longer. thank you for spending time with me. iloveyou guys. Muahhhh: x