18 May, 2011


Test just around the corner. "pale otak kau ed!!' I will  have a test tomorrow. and I did not learn anything. adriana wakeup! wake. arghhhhhh, stress. the pressure I get, I think I will not be achieved excellent results. pressure lah sgt -.-' oh God, please help me.
  hmmp ~ what I read, do not go into my brain. for my friends, goodluck to 'up-coming' test. Please pray for me,  seriously meeee want to see my parents happy.


  1. Kau pandai , so jgn risau kaay? Lain lah akuu -.-
    Btw , good luckk . Doa kan utk aku jugakk kay?

  2. Okay. Thankyouuu, pandai? tu time darjah1 lah :p